Friday, July 29, 2016

Chick 'N Roll from Kemang

 Bonchon Chicken Indonesia has now turned into Chick'N Roll assuming the end of their franchise agreement with Bonchon Chicken. All of their stores are now transformed into Chick'N Roll with some of its stores still under construction. The then Bonchon that was identical to the color red and white is now turned into a restaurant decorated with mainly yellow and black. The restaurant serves a similar menu to Bonchon -- you can still find the Original Soy Sauce and Spicy Korean Sauce on Chick'N Roll current menu under a different name. I visited one of their store in Kemang Village but the pictures on this post are mainly from take-out boxes from the joint. I tried all the flavors and I'll tell you about what I think, listed from my favorite to my least favorite flavor. 

For all the flavors, I picked out their wings. A set of four wings (wingette, drumette and wingtip all intact) is priced at IDR 53.000.

Thai Garlic
The Thai Garlic is simply Bonchon's original chicken sauce. The chicken and the sauce were served similarly to how it was before: twice-fried chicken is coated with your choice of sauce and was fried to order. After trying out all the flavor, my favorite still remains with the now so-called Thai Garlic sauce. The flavor was pretty much the same so you won't be missing the Bonchon-type chicken anytime soon.

Madagascar Madness
Madagascar Madness is the retitled version of Bonchon spicy chicken. It's still as spicy, sticky and salty as it was before. I was still set on the Bonchon original recipe as my favorites. Other flavors newly presented by Chick'N Roll were certainly interesting, but it has yet topped the previous menus. P.S. the chicken pictures above is a set of 2-piece of wings with Seasoned Rice (IDR 33.000). The seasoned rice was basically rice mixed with nori (seaweed) flakes and it turned the color of the rice a bit green -- a good flavor option, but it made the rice a bit more crumbly.

American BBQ

The American Barbecue sauce gives a hint of smokiness and its sauce has a pretty strong tomato-based flavor in it, making the chicken sweet yet at the same time savory. The barbecue sauce also seems to be the kind of sauce you can drench yourself in as the sauce were thicker than the other coating options.

Mandarin Flare
The Mandarin Flare is a sauce that is both tangy and spicy. I don't think this is as spicy as the Madagascar Madness sauce was because the sourness helps with the spiciness and there was also a bit hint of sweetness with this one!

Hawaiian Mustard
The Hawaiian Mustard sauce is pretty sweet, coming from the honey glaze -- I cannot taste anything from the mustard be it some tanginess, spiciness, or even the smell of mustard seeds from the sauce. Regardless the sweetness was a pretty good flavor still but the flavor might get a bit boring after a couple bite. 

Brazillian Honey
My least favorite one because it's just too sweet... and sour. It just tastes a bit weird and it was not the crowd favorite, at the end of the day there were the last pieces remaining. I just don't think the sweetness and sourness are balanced enough and I wish they put more salt or some more base flavor in it. Yet color-wise it was the most appetizing as it enhances the golden brown color of the fried chicken.

I look forward to Chick'N Roll catching up to its previous Bonchon success in Indonesia. They were officially launched by July 28th and were still up for certain improvements here and there but their old-but-revamped-menu, as long as those are consistent, will keep the loyal fans of the previous establishment to the service and staffs were also pretty much the same.

Chick'N Roll
Avenue of the Stars (UG) 
Lippo Mall Kemang
Jl. Pangeran Antasari No. 36
South Jakarta

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Arasseo Soju Bar & Eatery at Senopati

Coming to Arasseo for lunch I was pretty excited. I entered and got through the bar area and stepped into the dining area which has a great natural lighting coming off from the ceiling and the place is accented with nice illustrations on every corner against the white walls. Prior to coming here, I kept on bugging my brother by answering him with "arasseo, arasseo" (meaning I now; I got it) every time he talks just to prove how excited I am to finally try out dining here. Without further ado, we began ordering.

After we had our order called up to the kitchen we were given cassava chips and kimchi as our sides but being hungry we finished it off in a couple bite. I really like the flavor of the kimchi, it's just the right sourness and spiciness of the cabbage which I truly enjoy by its own. When it got to the last piece, I intended to have more kimchi but had forgotten to do so. I admit I should've asks banchan refills more often - just to figure out whether it was also available for complimentary refills.

Oh My Gyu (IDR 80.000)
This is a rendition of a gyu tan don, with grilled ox tongue on a bed of white rice that is topped added with a fried sunny side up which had pretty runny yolk on the inside. The tongue was seasoned with a good amount of sesame oil, salt, and pepper and then also garnished with sesame seeds and slices of green onion. Despite the tongue being cooked really well that it has a nice meaty yet slightly chewy texture, the flavor was a bit of a let down because the seasoning was pretty weak. I wish I can add more soy sauce into this dish just to add more flavor to the bowl.

Honey Dip (IDR 45.000)
This dish is the best thing I've had all day! Battered chicken fried until golden brown alongside with Korean tteok or rice cakes and then coated with a thick sauce of honey and sauce glaze, garnished with sesame seeds. The chicken was perfectly crunchy and bite-sized and the tteok remains bouncy yet at the same time had gotten a bit crisper. The honey glaze was so delicious with a good balance of saltiness and sweetness.  It was one of the best Korean fried chicken I've had in Jakarta.

Rice Balls (IDR 15.000)
Rice balls or jumeokbap is a Korean dish consisting of rice mixed up with seaweed paper, vinegar, sesame oil and sesame seed which was rolled up into a ball. The rice was mixed up pretty nicely and it was compacted really nice. This one's good with or without the sides dishes because it is flavorful enough on its own.

Hot Kicking Chicken (IDR 65.000)
The spicy dish is basically fried chicken glazed with sweet and spicy sauce and sprinkled with diced pepper. The chicken were slices of white meat that is fried until crispy although it doesn't hold of its crispiness after being coated with the sauce. The sauce itself is pretty spicy yet delicious but I find it a little bit lumpy as the sauce was pretty thick.

Overall Arasseo was pretty great, I enjoyed the dishes served the dishes despite the note here and there. I wish to try out more dishes here as they have an extensive menu of many Korean fusion dishes. The service was pretty nice but the food took quite some time to get out of the kitchen despite there were not so many people coming in and out at the time.

One more thing, as I got here at 2 p.m. these meals were 15% off! Come between 1 to 4 p.m. and get a 15% discount from the total price off your receipt. Come and grab your discount then :)

Jl. Senopati No. 16
South Jakarta
+6221 27510187

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

OJJU K-Food Indonesia at Kasablanka

Last weekend +Vania Boediman  sent a screen capture of an Instagram post featuring Ojju's signature dish and we got so curious to try it out. Fortnight from that day we finally visited Ojju that just opened four days prior to our arrival. We came after lunchtime and many of the tables were filled with sizzling pots of dishes. Excited, we then began ordering.

Rolling Cheese with Chicken Wings (IDR 99.000)
On the burner which is placed in the middle of the table, the order came with a big plate of ready-to-eat fried chicken wings that is coated with a spicy gochujang sauce on a bed of potato wedge and it is served in a pool of mozzarella cheese that is topped with sliced jalapeno. The mozzarella cheese came in shredded form and it slowly melts as the plate is heated on the burner. The server helped us in serving the dish, taking a big string of melted mozzarella then and spun the cheese to coat the chicken. The rolling part was a magnificent sight and got us drooling all the way. The flavor of the dish was also really delicious, whether with or without the cheese.

We were firstly planning out to order the Rolling Cheese dish with a Budae Jjigae to share but we were warned that those can be too much for the two of us. Following the warning, we were both surprised and delighted with the portion of the dish coming to our table. As we begin trying out the dish, the server were also cooking it on the spot right in front of us and offer whether we want to try out rolling the dish by ourselves before excusing herself.

Fried Rice (IDR 29.000) 
The fried rice is sort of an add-on to the hot plate dish we ordered. The fried rice is basically a mixture of gochujang, steamed rice, seaweed as well as an egg. We were given an option whether to have the fried rice cooked with the Rolling Cheese dish or to have it cooked in the same pan of the dish after we finished it off. We opt for the latter and the server then helped us cook the fried rice on the sizzling pan that has some remaining cheesy sauce from the previous dish. My only wish for the fried rice is to have available add-on protein as toppings aside from mozzarella because it can definitely get some more flavor from that.

Beef Ramyeon (IDR 59.000)
The beef ramyeon consists of Korean noodle served in a spicy broth cooked with such of garlic, onion, and topped with beef sausage, smoked beef as well as kimchi and beautifully cooked half-boiled egg. This is the first dish to come out and as we ate this latter when the cheese dish was ready, the noodle had gotten a bit cold and we did not do it justice :( Nonetheless it's still a good dish with all the components go along together.

Martabak Bingsoo (IDR 39.000) 
In all honesty, we got this dessert for free by posting a picture of one of the dishes we had on Instagram hehe. You can pick this out of the many variants of bingsoo such as durian, chocolate, es teler (I know -- so unique, right?!) or so. The bingsoo variety was pretty interesting but we opt for the Martabak Bingsoo with chocolate sprinkles and shredded cheddar cheese on top of the shavings of milky ice served with dry ice on the glass to keep the temperature cold.

Corn Tea (IDR 22.000)
For the price, you will get 1.2 liters of corn tea or oksusucha on your table. I ordered it cold and really loved how strong the corn flavor was. If I were to describe it, the tea has a similar flavor to corn flakes.

The dishes we had were delicious and the service was really good. The table arrangement was typical to a South Korean dining place with the eating utensils stored in a cabinet compartment under the table that you can easily slide. I'm seriously considering coming back here soon because the dishes really have good value for money. It really exceeded my expectation and hopefully yours too.

Kota Kasablanka
UG Floor No. FSU 35
Food Society
South Jakarta

Monday, July 18, 2016

ROH Projects - THIRDSPACE : transit #3

Last Thursday I visited ROH Projects, an art space located on the 40th floor of Equity Tower right across Pacific Place. At the end of last week, they wrapped up an exhibition titled THIRDSPACE: transit #3 which present the work of four artists including Iabadiou Piko, Fika Ria Santika, Kara Andarini and Aliansyah Caniago. The display was part of a collaboration with Selasar Sunaryo Art Space.

Tumpuk Lapis, Tampak Batas 2 (left)
Tumpuk Lapis, Tampak Batas 3 (right)
(Terkurung Hendak di Luar)
by Fika Ria Santika
Watercolor on Paper
210 x 140 cm

Tumpuk Lapis, Tampak Batas 4
Tumpuk Lapis, Tampak Batas 5
Tumpuk Lapis, Tampak Batas 6
Tumpuk Lapis, Tampak Batas 7
(Terkurung Hendak di Luar)
by Fika Ria Santika
Digital Print
Oil Paint on Transparent Acrylic and Acrylic Mirror
60 x 106 cm

Alur: Langskap 1.2 (Top)
Alur: Lanskap 1.1 (Bottom)
by Kara Andarini
Ink on Plexiglass and a Table
122 x 75 x 135 cm

Diantara Batas Malam dan Terang
by Iabadiou Piko
Acrylic, Bitumen, Pencil, Carchoal
and Aerosol spray paint on Canvas
145.5 x160.5 cm

Alur: Bandung - Fragmen 3: Waktu
by Kara Andarini
Scratches on Plexiglass
Wooden table
94 x 48 cm

Quoting Roy Voragen:
“A city is no longer a city if devoid of people, people who act in and react to the city, people who tell and are told stories about their city. Spaces and places frame life; furthermore, the ways we use these spaces and places are framed by the ways we talk about them: technically, aesthetically, morally, politically, economically, and etcetera. In this show, Iabadiou Piko, Fika Ria Santika, Kara Andarini and Aliansyah Caniago – deal each in their own way with the different layers of the body-space relationship: from the personal to the political and back.”

Self Portrait: Parallel Reality #1 (Right)
Self Portrait: Parallel Reality #2 (Left)
by Aliansyah Caniago
Digital Print on Canvas
121 x 182 cm

Iabadiou Piko
Mixed Media on Aster BC Paper
39.6 x 27.2 cm each

Dibelakang Garis Diantara Ruang
by Iabadiou Piko
Acrylic and Bitumen on Canvas
148 x 180 cm

Visiting ROH Projects and looking at the display was very fun, I really liked the exhibition unfortunately our time were cut short because we came right before the break time at about 14.00 pm. The view outside was also fantastic, I enjoyed the time looking out of the big window of the space and looking through Sudirman Central Business District from a bird eye view. Coming here I wished I have learned a bit about art history for better understanding in observing the arts and I look foward to see other exhibitions at different times. See for yourself for other things they have in the moment!

ROH Projects
Equity Tower
Floor 40E
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
South Jakarta