Saturday, October 14, 2017

IDEAFEST 2017: Festival of Collaboration

It's been six years since IDEAFEST was held and 2017 marks my first experience in joining the creative festival that has formed a hub that connects figures from many industries to share their insights and for the attendee to be inspired. From innovators, entrepreneurs, media, and government among others are represented here both in Indonesia and from outside the archipelago. I was particularly interested in coming this year as one of the main speakers is Casey Neistat, a personal inspiration of mine. I remember first time knowing him from Shay Carl's daily vlog and that I became intrigued with his creation. It began with him that I started buying my first camera ever after saving up for three years (and from then I began writing on this blog!) and that was a huge milestone in my life. I thank Casey for motivating me to somewhat find my own personal art channel to add into my life. A daily pass in itself costs IDR1.100.000 so I figured to just buy the pass for the whole thing and really with a pretty hefty price two-day pass for IDR1.500.000. 


In a true Selena's fashion (NOT! I hate being tardy I swear), I came late on the first day that I had to skip the first session. Well, not that I was late but it's just that the registration booth was so packed and somewhat impractical that I have to queue for an hour to get into the venue, Jakarta Convention Center. I then arrive just in time for the second session and I choose this particular topic titled "How Millenials Get Rich: Investing for New Generation" amongst other. So during this first day, the schedule of the conference is separated to different topics in different rooms. There were 10 rooms and 8 sessions so there were 80 topics in total and hundreds of speakers for the day. Some of them had super super super inspired me while there's some that were pretty... predictable, content-wise. Anyways, since I can only attend limited sessions there were a lot of things that have to be missed in return of a different topic. At the end of the day, I finished going into 6 out of 8 seminars. My body is almost all sore from all the sitting, but it was worth the lessons.

I made my own table for sessions I am most interested about. #nerd

Outside of the rooms, there were booths and promotional stalls ranging from food, books, to properties. I was particularly interested in anything that offers free stuff. There were also some art installations in several corners of the main hall featuring works of artists such as Diela Maharanie and Impro - Visual Story Teller, amongst others.

As IDEAFEST 2017 is held in partnership with Tokopedia, there is also an online-to-offline market named "O2O Market" that is a bazaar held also held in the same venue, but are located in a special area of its own where sellers from Tokopedia (my favorite Indonesian e-commerce site! I even opened my own store on Tokopedia. Please check out Sel's Sale on Tokopedia #crosspromo. I bought a strawberry face scrub and a deliciously fragrant face mask from Felice's Made, one of the vendor there (available on Tokopedia, click here to check her out) and I was seriously in love with a bag by Merché however I don't have sufficient cash as well as Tokocash to buy it which is sad. I'm considering to buy it directly through Tokopedia later, though. It's now part of my wishlist!


The second day, the Conference day is the most exciting part of the whole event! Every participant is now gathered in one big room with schedules speakers speaking on a big stage in front of the room. This time I came in for the second session (this time it's intentional as I didn't have to re-register myself at the ticket booth and was a bit beat to come early for the first session). Click on the picture the enlarge and see the rundown and a bit of glimpse of the speakers and topics for the day!

P.S. sorry that I didn't have more documentation of all of the speakers as I was out for a while during lunch time and that I was trying to focus on the talk and didn't spend much time photographing that day.

Ibu Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia.

Kevin Kumala of Avani Eco

This plastic made of cassava is 100% soluble and edible. This is the main product presented by Kevin Kumala of Avani (you might've seen him from a viral video of him drinking his 'plastic' product!) 
I didn't have the guts try to consume it tho; totally saving these bags as souvenirs as I already have my own reusable canvas shopping bag. This plastic bag is another freebie that every participant got from their seat, a step forward to sustainable living.

Tyler Brûlé, Editor in Chief of Monocle
Almost subscribed to Monocle after watching him talk, too bad the magazine (and its subscription) is sort of out of my price range that I only get to read it in bookstores and hipster coffee shops. Maybe later, when I get a job (which I hope is soon!)

Casey Neistat, Youtuber

Casey's discussion does not stray from the contents of his videos. If you have watched his videos throughout the years, you'll find that he's presenting videos that have already been familiar to his audience but this time with insights on what happened before, during and after the production and the lessons we can learn from his experience as a content creator from his iPod video to Beme acquisition by CNN. A quick memo I got from his presentation: you have a voice, [...] a quick memo inspired by his video with Nike on trying to find the diamond in the rough while you're creating that I honestly forgot to jot down [...] and lastly, do what you can't. I wish I have a record of the whole talk to be able to share more, but that was pretty much the highlight. That was one awesome session to end the night. It almost made me reconsider the idea of starting a Youtube channel (should I?) From beginning to end it was one inspiring person to the next and honestly I was so pumped from all the things I've learned in the two days worth of IDEAFEST 2017.

Would be super interested to see what IDEAFEST would offer next year and more years to come. I'm also glad to be able to post this entry right in time Neistat himself uploaded his vlog about his short trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. Watch the video below!