My name is Selena Imania and usually goes by the name Selena (pronounced sé - lé - na) and I am a law school graduate looking for jobs and is currently resides in Jakarta, Indonesia. I started this blog to document some nitty bitty part of my life that I found interesting since January 11th, 2015. This blog will consist of writings and pictures from my travel experiences and culinary expeditions but would not be limited to the two. Mind if there might be time for senseless or crazy posts that might turn out be right out random!

On the bar to your right, you can find the 'Categories' tab which can serve as a guide to multiple things discussed on my blog; some are elaborate and not exclusive from one to another. You will find:

    • Eats consist of my restaurant and food reviews
    • Event round up an event which I attend
    • Moments includes stories from my personal life
    • Product gives a head up to product placements
    • Spot discusses places of interest I find around town
    • Travel summarizes my journey to particular destination of a certain period
    • Film will be my review and impressions of movies I watch in the theatre

The content I've made are my own personal opinion and experiences, in which the matter of discussion may change and vary from time to time. Any commercial content will be given a notice within the post and only of those which I feel appropriate and worthy of promoting. Photographs on the blog were taken by Canon EOS 700D camera with EF-S 18-55mm IS STM lens.  All of the pictures posted here are mine unless credited otherwise.

Please feel free to leave out messages through the comments or connect with me through social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

You can also reach me through this e-mail for further inquiries: selena.imania@gmail.com with the word 'BLOGSEL' in the title.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Cheers, xx